• Binnie Cissé wins the public vote award for best female entrepreneur Wecanda 2022

    • 28 Feb 2023

    As an online English firm, Binnie's English Training (BET) is proud to have its founder and director, Binnie Bintou Cissé, win the prestigious Wecanda 2022 Best Female Entrepreneur Public Vote Award. We are thrilled that our company has contributed to her recognition for her outstanding actions in the field of education and women's empowerment. Since our inception in 2018, we have strived to provide quality English education for all learners, focusing on the practical aspects of the language and helping students overcome their fear of speaking. The fact that over 3,500 learners have already been trained in English language skills in just 4 years is a testament to our commitment to education and social impact. BET is proud of Bintou Cissé for her dedication and leadership in shaping our company into a place where learners can feel safe and supported in their learning journey. Thanks to her inspiration, we continue to grow and improve, becoming a leader in the field of English language instruction. By winning the Wecanda 2022 Best Female Entrepreneur Public Vote Award, Bintou Cissé has demonstrated the positive impact Binnies English Training has on the community. As a BET firm, we will continue to work diligently to achieve our goal of helping as many people as possible reach their potential in English, thus contributing to the development of Côte d'Ivoire and Africa as a whole.