• Why do you absolutely need to speak English?

    • 07 Dec 2023

    There are many reasons why English occupies a prominent place in the professional world, making it the international language of business. Here are some of the main reasons: 1. International communication: English is the most widely used language in international communications. In a globalized business context, it serves as a means of communication between people of different cultures and nationalities. 2. Access to world markets: Many companies operate on a global scale, and English facilitates trade, negotiations and partnerships with companies and customers abroad. 3. Working in multinational companies: Many multinational companies have adopted English as their official working language to foster communication and collaboration between employees from different parts of the world. 4. Access to information: Most professional resources and information, whether documents, research, standards or publications, are available in English. Fluency in English facilitates access to these resources. 5. Job opportunities: Many job opportunities require a command of English, particularly in sectors such as technology, finance, research and international trade. The English language is often considered a major asset in the professional world. 6. Training and professional development: Many international training courses, conferences and professional events are conducted in English. To remain professionally competitive, it is often necessary to attend and participate in these training courses. 7. Business standardization: The use of English contributes to the standardization of business practices worldwide, facilitating mutual understanding and the implementation of common standards. 8. Innovation and technology: English is widely used in the field of innovation, research and technology. Most scientific publications and technical documents are written in English. In short, fluency in English is a major asset in the professional world, facilitating communication, access to information and employment opportunities on a global scale.