• CISSE BINTOU, honored by the Ivorian government.

    • 28 Feb 2023

    Binnie Cissé is one of those young people who contribute positively to the development of our country. It is therefore with satisfaction that his actions through Binnies English Training have been highlighted on the website of the Ivorian government in an article published on June 17, 2022. Find below the article published in his honor "I believe in the capacity of each Ivorian to reappropriate the values of our Republic which are Union, Discipline and Work. Message to the nation from President Alassane OUATTARA December 31, 2021 With a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Félix Houphouët-Boigny in Cocody, Binnie Bintou Cissé is the founder and director of Binnie's English Training (BET), a language practice opened in 2018. With her team of 40 people across several countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, the United Kingdom and the United States), she provides online and face-to-face courses to people who want to speak English fluently. In 4 years, she has already trained more than 3,500 learners to speak English. A business that is both social and educational. Through her videos on her social networks, with more than 100,000 subscribers, she communicates her passion to her learners, between new words and common expressions. Recipient of a scholarship to study in the United Kingdom in 2021, she is training in TESOL (teaching languages to speakers of other languages). This training will allow her to help other English teachers improve their teaching methods. So many passionate teachers who will share her dream of seeing all French speakers become bilingual. For her, the language of Shakespeare should not be a barrier to the ambitions of young people. "English is the key that opens doors," she likes to say. By teaching this language to students, young executives and other professionals, she wants to give them an essential asset and make them citizens of larger linguistic spaces for greater career opportunities. And it is always in the spirit of this global competition that, during school breaks, her firm offers free courses to young children to keep them busy and to instill in them a love of English. The 28-year-old Ivorian is also an activist for Education for All, with a special focus on little girls from disadvantaged families. With her association Empowering Women in Africa (EWA), she travels to localities and provides financial aid to low-income families to send their daughters to school until they graduate. Binnie Bintou Cissé is a generous soul, convinced that knowledge is the best help to offer to others. So she shares it without moderation.