Hello everyone, I’m Inoussa. I started my journey with BET since April 2023. Within this period of three months, a lot of improvements have been made. I remembered my first class, I was there and struggled to find my words. This period is behind me. Today, I can talk without any hesitation. Words come easily to my mind, thanks to BET’s teaching method and especially to our great coach UG (the eagle). I spent years trying to learn English without any good results till a friend who was already taking BET course recommended me. So, to anyone who wants to quickly level up his English, BET is a good choice. Let’s talk about coach UG’s teaching method. Her class is mainly based on speaking. That is what I was looking for. She always gives us great topics for discussion. Beyond learning english, we learn about life with these topics. She gives her vibes to class. she always encourages us to speak. With Coach UG even the top shy person will speak. She is engaged to help us improve our English. With her good mood, her class is the place to be. Also, Coach works on our writing. As she likes to say « Writing is speaking. By writing, you are improving the first one». We have done many essays since I started my class with her. To be honest, I use an online corrector for my first essay. Don’t use a translator, she said. Now, with her advice, my writing is getting better. UG class is a good environment where anybody can learn English with confidence. With her, you can’t wait to start the class. I recommend BET for English learners who looks for fluency !!!