Naka Sokodogo

My name is Naka Sokodogo, I'm 35, married with two children. I am an agro-economist by training and program manager for an NGO. Currently, I work in an English-speaking environment while living in a French-speaking country. Our reports and meetings are in English. Because of my difficulties in English, I've been taking less part in meetings for fear of making mistakes. What's more, because of my professional career, I need to be fluent in English if I want to become a manager in the future. I've already been to interviews where, because of my English, I wasn't selected. So for a while, I was looking for a really good English training center, and one day, I was on LinkedIn and came across a testimonial from someone about BET's professionalism. Each time, I saw Binnie's posts on tips for those who wanted to learn English, so I clicked on the link to the page and signed up. I find BET a very professional center, and I like the approach to learning. I chose individual coaching to gain confidence. And I really appreciate it because the training allows me to improve my speaking, listening, grammar and writing. My coach is EMJAY Miriam. She's a very patient coach who doesn't hesitate to stop me at every mistake, and I really appreciate that. She encourages me and congratulates me for every little effort. She gives me advice on how to learn quickly. My workload is such that I sometimes miss lessons, but my coach understands and reschedules when I ask. It's been almost two months of training and I'm satisfied because I've gained confidence. I'm no longer afraid to speak English in meetings. I really recommend the center. #BET #Testimony