Hello everyone,I am MEGANG . I started learning English with BET in January 2023 as an advanced beginner. In the begining , I was shy and it was tough for me to express myself in class. I was afraid about saying wrong words.I was bad at speaking . I remember that my classmates and coach tried to push me to speak and be relaxed . Becoming an extrovert helped me to speak even though I was making mistakes. What can I say about my lovely coach IFFU . Oh that coach knows the way to make her lessons outstanding .As she is a french learner, she knows what difficulties there are in learning a new language .She is gorgeous and patient with all of her students . She teaches us speaking, reading, listening and writing. We also have many debates about life cases through videos, reading comprehensions ,short movies, this way we can use all our skills of what she teaches us to give our opinions . That is my favorite part in class because it helps me to improve my listening and speaking. She always tries to catch what we want to say event if we speak wrong. She calls us coach( lol ) just a way to push us . I can say a lot about lovely coach IFFU. I am just grateful to her for what she did for me . Today after 7 months of training I can see my improvements , I can speak with confidence. so I recommend BET without hesitation to any person who wants to learn English properly and efficiently.